Mati Porcelain Coupe Plate


Porcelain dishware with a futuristic focal point for a dessert. Blue field, white focal point with a spot creates a surprise as you complete your plate. Colorful plate for a unique entree. The Mati plate is sophisticated and minimalist. Perfect for dressing up your table!


  • Set of 6.
  • Flat and rimless dish at 6-inch is perfect for use as a salad or dessert dish.
  • Porcelain is fired at high temperatures for hospitality level quality, which makes it extremely resistant to metal marking, caustic solutions and shocks.
  • Retains its luster while being hygienically safe - and glaze protects decorations and color for durability.
  • Stackable and breakage resistant dish-ware ensures sustainability. 


    Flat Plate: 6.5" diameter, round

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