Maternity Robe and Eyemask, 100% Cupro sustainable fabric


Our newest brand by designer Emilia George showcases a beautiful maternity robe made best-selling sustainable 100% cupro fabric.

The perfect set for bringing to the hospital on your delivery day. We mindfully made this set of a robe and eye mask for expecting Moms to allow a soft fabric next to your skin. Great gift and perfect for early nursing and managing the days before going home while easily transitioning to an easy to wash garment as a new Mom.

She will love this set!

One-size fits all.

Care information

  • Machine wash cold in delicate/handwash cycle
  • Handwash strongly recommended

It’s made from cotton linter, a waste product of cotton. Yay for reducing waste!
It’s produced in a closed loop like Tencel and Lyocell, which means that the chemicals used can be extracted afterwards and the water can be reused. It’s made from 100% plant-based materials, so it’s biodegradable. It can be washed in water (either machine-washed or hand-washed), so there’s no need to dry clean.