Cool Sleep Pillows | Gel + Down Alternative-Luxury Big Box, set of 6 or 8


Need a cool sleep? These luxury pillows have siliconized gel and hypoallergenic fill and are made to hospitality standards to ensure structural integrity.

The CLEAN DESIGN HOME Luxury pillows allow a cooler sleep through the transfer of heat to gel, inside the softness and comfort of the hypoallergenic fill surround.

Sold in a lifestyle configuration to allow you transition pillows for your entire residence.

Fabrication: gel fiber pillows with microdenier siliconized gel for a cooler sleep.

Size options:

  • Box of 8: Standard 20" x 30" (35 oz fill)
  • Box of 6: King 20" x 36" (46 oz fill)
Follow the rule of 3's with all pillows: wash the zippered pillow covers every 3 weeks; wash the pillow every 3 months and replace your pillow every 3 years.

Filled in the USA