Bootstrapped Dreamer

Photo credit: Vanessa Lenz

Timeline 2000-2017

Robin  Wilson was fortunate to work at a company that had an IPO in 1999. She  received a windfall and decided to chase her dream of becoming an  entrepreneur. She was also a student at night at New York University to  matriculate with a Master’s in Real Estate Finance. 

After  graduation from NYU, her opportunities to use her degree were limited  due to fiscal inequality – she could not get venture/financing to  develop a building in Harlem. One of her mentor professors told her to  pivot and use her skills to become the ‘busy homeowners’ best friend’  and that is how she started to do project management and design to   build the firm. 

Every  revenue dollar was poured back into the company and she ‘bet on  herself’ and by 2003, she was working on projects for high-net work  individuals and global celebrities.


Robin Wilson joined the Board of the Sustainable Furnishings Council in 2012 as Vice Chair for two years. She continues work with SFC as a ‘Green Ambassador’, plus she maintains her role as an unpaid ambassador since 2010 for the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA), one of the leading non-profit organization that partners with medical experts to provide consumer information related to these chronic medical conditions.

In addition, Robin Wilson was named a brand ambassador for the Panasonic USA launch of home products in 2014. During this prolific time, she also partnered with a leading pharmaceutical firm to film a national media campaign as an expert of clean design for a hypoallergenic lifestyle.

Her interior design work included the White House Fellows office (DC), President Clinton’s office (Harlem), Lake Nona/Laureate Park color palette (FL) and numerous other projects across the United States.

Her input and commentary is valued by media outlets regarding asthma, allergies, diversity, clean design, wellness and eco-friendly design.