Investor Relations


A Blue Egg Corporation is a privately-held holding company for three wholly-owned subsidiaries. Founded by Robin Wilson, who bootstrapped the firm from 2000 to the 2008 when a Friends & Family round was completed. 

We do not release financial information to the public or other internal operating data as a privately held entity, except for business partners who are working with our firm with a mutual understanding that we respect the privacy of our respective operations.

In 2021, we commenced with a SAFE crowdfund which required an audit and compliance with SEC Form and reporting requirements. In 2024, we put a vote to investors to allow us to pay our investors out and to transition the Republic CrowdSAFE and it was approved. Existing investors through the Republic platform will receive more information by Q4 2024 through the Republic dashboard.

We will continue to be transparent with those who are named shareholders/investors.