A Blue Egg Corporation

Since 2000

Interior Design

From 500 sf NYC apartments to 15,000 sf estates.

Licensing & Flagship Retail

Partnering with leading brands to create revenue opportunities.


Creating live-work-walk communities for real estate developer projects.


1 in 5 people

60 million Americans suffer from asthma and/or allergies

$85 + million

From cabinetry to textiles, we have licensed brand revenue

160+ retail doors

CLEAN DESIGN HOME is at Macy’s, Belk, Bealls, Wayfair

2 books, 1 doc film

Award-winning author of books; laurels from HIFF, IWFF

Origin Story


Robin was born and raised in Austin Texas – and from birth she was considered pan-allergic which often put her at risk with multiple hospitalizations including anaphylaxis and asthma attacks. Her parents were fortunate to encounter a holistic pediatrician who guided them by ask them if they wanted to ‘raise a strong child, or a child on strong medicine’ which created a revamp of diet, exercise, indoor allergens (no more shag carpet) and the pet went outside.  

As Malcolm Gladwell would say, “…it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert…” and the allergic childhood of Robin Wilson informs her on a daily basis in her design work, and guides her advice to families. 

The most unique part of her story is the fact that her grandfather was a sharecropper and he picked cotton in Texas – and the luxury Supima™ cotton featured in her textiles is from Texas or California, so this brand is helping American farmers!

It is a wonderful American story to see Robin Wilson rise from humble beginnings to chase an entrepreneurial dream that would make her ancestors proud.